I Begin To Wonder

SO… I have decided I am going to do some retrospective posts as lots has happened in the past year and it’s cold and snowy outside. I am a massive fan of world cinema, so I will be writing about some films in the near future. Most recently I have been watching a lot of Israeli film maker Eytan Fox films, which I can wholeheartedly recommend.

In terms of music, anyone who knows me will laugh if I open with ‘I love Swedish electro/pop’. While this is no lie, I must confess (and I do so proudly) that I am a huge pop fan – give a Cheryl song any day and I will be a happy man. Some amazing bands that I can recommend that fit into the former category more than the latter (you don’t really need recommendations there, let’s face it…) are: the wonderful Karin Park, Gothenburg based Little Dragon, Lykke Li (take particular note of I Follow Rivers), and Lindstrøm & Christabelle (I can be partial to a bit of The Knife as well). Moving away from Sweden/Scandinavia, Maya Jane Coles is amazing, as is Grimes and Canada’s Austra. Obviously I can’t continue without mentioning Robyn, who is truly amazing and who I had the pleasure of seeing at Brixton Academy last November. She was so full of life and had an excellent stage presence.

I am also a massive fan of travelling, and cannot wait to build on the list of countries and places I have had the pleasure to visit so far. Last year I travelled to Malaysia and Singapore via Cairo and I will try and write something about this at a later date. Closer to home I headed to Scandinavia, managing to tick off all three (unless we are including Iceland).

Not wanting to bore you already, I will tail off here, but I will also be posting about any cultural events I head off to or something similar. To be fair this is unlikely in Coventry, but I will be moving (back) to Berlin in the summer so watch this space.


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