We Started Nothing

It would seem appropriate to start by considering the woman who inspired the title to this blog, Karin Park. I first came across her striking stature (at well over 6ft.) in Berlin at the Melt! Weekender indoor festival, alongside Marina and the Diamonds and the surprising energetic The Ting Tings. Since then her albums have been the soundtrack to many a study session, to many a drink in the kitchen and many a gathering with friends. I have wax lyrical-ed to everyone I have met about how wonderful her albums are, both Highwire Poetry and the fantastic Ashes to Gold, how amazing she is live and also just how stunning she is. It has been a while since I have been that starstruck.

While Ashes to Gold is more ‘poppy’, Highwire Poetry is deeply experimental and much more electronic. To really love Karin, you need to see and experience one of her live shows. She is down-to-earth and has a lovely Scandinavian accent when she speaks English, something that gets me every time. She mixes with the fans and most memorably, she encouraged us to all sit on the floor (school assembly style) while she, sitting on the edge of the stage, played Bending Albert’s Law beautifully. This is a moment I will never forget and it was one of the most beautiful concerts I have had the pleasure to experience. She is an fantastic artist who deserves all the recognition she receives (and much more). It is almost impossible to choose just one song to post here, but I have decided on the fantastic Restless as this is the first of her songs I heard and the video is fantastic.

Watch the video here: Restless, Karin Park


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