The New Normal?


Recently I have been obsessed with NBC’s and Ryan Murphy’s new sitcom The New Normal, starring Justin Bartha (The Hangover) and Andrew Rannells (The Book of Mormon). There is plenty to be said about this show, which despite average ratings, has a special place in my heart. Firstly it is a hugely refreshing affair; Bryan and David (or Bravid as they have become known…) are a lovely couple. They are down-to-earth and represent a run-of-the-mill monogamous relationship. It is refreshing to see a gay couple on film that aren’t addicted to drugs, a la Keep the Lights On. Goldie and her daughter, Shania, are fantastic and alongside Jane and Rocky, the cast works together perfectly. Jane, the bigoted Republican, has hilarious one-liners as does the caustic Rocky. It has to be said that my favourite performance of the series so far has to be Shania’s Cher for her school project. Amazing. She is literally the best child. Ever. (And I love her glasses). However, I do have a few issues with the show, even if I do find Andrew Rannells wildly attractive…

While the show is entertaining, thoughtful and hilarious at the best of times, it does suffer from the odd weak storyline and makes me wonder what the ‘new normal’ really is? Isn’t this just the ‘normal’, adapted by introducing a gay couple? So far Bravid have considered issues like marriage, child care, decorating the nursery and most recently (breast) feeding. I feel the heteronormative decisions should perhaps have been replaced for something that could actually be a ‘new normal’ but maybe this was too much to expect. Most disappointing was the nursery decorating, when everyone involved seemed determined to conform to gender stereotypes of blue for boys, pink for girls and yellow to attempt to be ‘neutral’.

This, however, is only a minor issue and something that I wouldn’t want to besmirch the rest of the series. Overall it is a fantastic show and I am sad that, from a ratings perspective, it has only performed averagely. The actors and creators have done a wonderful job and I hope to be able to sit down to watch a slice of Bravid’s family life for many hours to come…

(I do not own this image)

P.s. Don’t the cast look fantastic in this Vogue shoot?!


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