Bron | Broen (2011)


I should probably also point out that I am currently obsessed with Sweden/Scandinavia/Kanelbullar (mainly the latter) and as a result this show, unless god awful, was always going to be a hit with me just because of the moody, atmospheric stills of Malmö (or Malmø i dansk) and Copenhagen and the majestic Øresundsbron (to take the hybrid name).

Aside from me wax lyrical-ing about the two countries, I would like to praise everything this show has going for it. The camera work is beautiful, the opening credits are chilling and Copenhagen’s Choir of Young Believers ‘Hollow Talk’ fits perfectly as a musical accompaniment to these dark images. The storyline is complex and rarely predictable. It tackles a huge range of issues and my only slight issue is with the murderers true motive. Martin and, in particular, Saga are excellent characters and I am in awe of Saga Noren. She is an excellent and deep character and I love the way the show also includes the private lives of them all too. This show does not just tackle issues of criminality and society in Sweden and Denmark but it also looks at personality, relationships and learning difficulties. I must also point of that, for their sake, I really hope they have some sort of pass for crossing the bridge, because at 3,069SEK for 10 trips it isn’t cheap…

It is an intense and emotional 10 part journey and the show is set to continue in the Autumn/Winter of 2013. I personally cannot wait for Saga and Martin to return to our screens…

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